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A Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training allows you to expand your career options and provides the opportunity to learn about guiding pregnant women through their journey of pregnancy. Preparing women physically, mentally and emotional for the powerful transition of childbirth, and having the skills to teach a prenatal class is extremely rewarding.



“I feel like there was a lot of information covered in the time we had.  Having Daniele share her midwivery background was fantastic and brought a deeper knowledge to the table.” 2018 Participant

A 20 Hr Teacher Training (PNYTT)

Friday June 12 – Sunday June 14, 2020 + Friday June 19 – Saturday June 20

With Senior Yoga Teacher, Midwife & International Educator Danielle Denwood and Osteopathic Manual Practitioner Tanya Dei Tigli

This training promises to be an innovative and interactive opportunity!  The PNYTT will be on-line (or a hybrid of live on-site and on-line depending on Ontario Covid status)  and will include the core components of our PNYTT, with various engaging classes from expert teachers, in-depth discussions about pregnancy and birth, class sequencing and design, as well as time to network with participants. 

Join from anywhere in the world!


FOR MANY WOMEN, the physical and emotional support received in Prenatal classes is instrumental in helping them through a healthy and vibrant pregnancy. Prenatal Yoga gives women time deepen their connection to their own bodies, finding more comfort while they experience the rapid and unfamiliar changes of pregnancy.


THIS TRAINING WILL ALLOW YOU to lead a full prenatal class with a childbirth education component and will also teach you how to incorporate pregnant women who may attend your regular yoga classes. It will prepare you to confidently teach pregnant women and to provide support to women in their formative stages of pregnancy, which helps to create confidence for an empowered birth.


Having completed this training, I feel that I will be much more confident in welcoming pregnant women to my regular yoga classes and offer myself as a pre-natal sub – hence expanding my teaching repertoire” 2018 Participant


TAUGHT BY DANIELLE DENWOOD, Certified Professional Midwife and Senior Prenatal Yoga Instructor, this training is a wonderful way to deepen your knowledge of yoga and will include in element of professional development, personal growth and vision as yoga teachers.


In this training you will receive:

  • Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Certificate
  • Prenatal Yoga Training Manual
  • Two 60-minute prenatal yoga sequences that you can begin teaching immediately
  • Professional and business development

The training will cover:

  • A thorough understanding of the changes that occur in pregnancy, including anatomy and physiology of pregnancy through each trimester
  • How the spine changes during pregnancy with renowned Osteo Tanya Dei  Tigli (see below)
  • Prenatal childbirth education and the stages of labour
  • Common pregnancy complications and discomforts
  • Class sequencing and design of effective yoga classes whether you are looking to teach series, workshops or drops-ins
  • Teaching practise to build confidence and to explore your teaching style
  • Pranayama and breathing techniques
  • Contraindications, modifications and adjustments
  • Understanding of your scope of practice as a prenatal yoga teacher


TANYA DEI TIGLI, Osteopathic Manual Practitioner, will be covering the subject: Understanding how the spine changes during the three trimesters of pregnancy 

As pregnancy progresses from one trimester to the next, the spine needs to adapt to the growing baby and enlarging uterus.  This adaptation is key to maintaining a well balanced, flexible and stable spine.  In this workshop, we will go through the anatomy of the changing spine in pregnancy, some posture tips that can prevent pain and injury, as well as some common areas of pain during pregnancy.


FLORENCE BOWEN, Osteopathic Manual Practitioner, and Pre & Postnatal Movement Specialist will be covering the topic: The role of the pelvic floor and core during pregnancy

As pregnancy progresses the organs of the abdomen shift and the uterus enlarges to position itself beyond the pelvis. These adaptations generate stretch through abdominal wall and increased pressure on the pelvic floor. This workshop will provide an in depth exploration of the anatomy and function of the core and pelvic floor during pregnancy, proper cues for the pelvic floor and how to manage certain conditions related to pelvic floor dysfunction during pregnancy.

Although prior yoga teacher training is not a prerequisite to this training, it is beneficial to have some yoga experience.

I absolutely loved the training.  The amount of information/knowledge shared together with the love and passion was so engaging.  Thank you so much! – 2018 Participant

In order to receive certification, participants will be required to:

  • Attend all classes
  • Create and submit 2 sample prenatal classes
  • Read either Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin or Beautiful Bountiful Blissful by Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa.

“I enjoyed the detailed overview of pregnancy — symptoms, what to expect, etc as well as the super detailed info on the phases of labour.  I think that having this understanding & knowledge will make all teachers more confident in teaching prenatal women” 2017 participant

Course Schedule

Friday June 12  5:30-8pm
Saturday June 13  8:30-11am and 2:30-5pm
Sunday June 14 8:30-11am and 2:30-5pm

Friday June 19 5:30-8pm
Saturday June 20  8:30-11am and 2:30-5pm

In addition to the above, a homework assignment, completed on your own time as a requirement of the course.

This course is eligible for Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Contact Hours and CYA credits and is tax deductible.





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Pre Natal Yoga Teacher Training
Fri June 12 - Sun June 14 and Fri June 19-Sat June 20,2020
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