Yoga for Seniors Training

In 2017, Canada’s Seniors officially out numbered children.


With no signs of this trend abating any time soon, learning to teach yoga to our Seniors safely and mindfully is becoming an increasingly important skill in the yoga teaching world.


As our population ages steadfastly, understanding the common physical and mental issues and having the qualifications to teach yoga to this large segment of our population will provide yoga teachers with a unique and very rewarding niche.

A 20 Hour Training
June 14-16, 2024


Now in it’s 16th year,  Breathe Yoga is committed to enhancing the well-being of our Seniors through our Yoga for Seniors training programs.
This training typically sells out.  Please register early to avoid disappointment.





  • FRIDAY JUNE 14-  11:45AM – 5:00PM
  • SATURDAY JUNE 15 – 11:45AM – 8:45PM
  • SUNDAY JUNE 16 – 11:45AM – 5:45PM
  • Your presence for the full course is required either in person or live on zoom.  Recordings can only be available under special circumstances.


Preventative Yoga: Constructing empowering, effective and compassionate  classes for Seniors with options for various stages of ageing or condition.  Chair  Yoga, as well as other therapeutic practices will be covered.

Mind, Heart and Spirit: Learn to construct classes that support Seniors from the inside out.  We will review emotional and spiritual challenges unique to Seniors. 

Balance is Life: A special focus on the importance of balance for seniors  including overall foot health, a look at gait, tips for maintaining or improving balance on and off of the  mat. 

Yoga for Osteoporosis: Proper care and safety measures for students with Osteoporosis 

Yoga for the Joints:  Learn to foster strength, safety and mobility for joints and replacements joints (eg replacement hip joints) 

Daily Habits : Participants will learn 15+ simple movements for seniors to do at home to keep them moving and healthy.  

Benefits of Yoga for Seniors: Understanding yoga’s benefits for optimising health challenges impacting seniors ranging from: blood sugar level balance,  cardiovascular disease, anxiety and depression, lung disease, dementia/ Alzheimers, and beyond. This will include a look at research and data where available. 

Yoga for the Eyes: A look at some basic practices to empower eye care for  seniors. 

Traditional Wisdom on Ageing and Yoga: Exploration of themes and best  practices. 

Restorative Yoga: Benefits and accessible practices for seniors. 

Yoga for the Vertebral Column and Posture: An understanding of basic  practices to help with posture, balance, pain management and lung capacity. 

Creating Community: How to best create a welcoming environment. Ageism Awareness 


This environment will be an interactive, experiential  and caring space designed to give students the most options possible for  working with seniors. We will also learn from our own practice, have a guest  lecture, and the chance to look at specific case studies. Come prepared to  learn, have fun and relax!

I attended Andrea Peloso’s training, and I absolutely loved it. Andrea has a very easy-flowing and nurturing teaching style that makes you feel immediately comfortable and at ease. She is incredibly knowledgeable and up to date with current affairs in the yoga world. I am so grateful to have come across this specific training as I found this teaching to be more of a “true” style yoga than what is taught at some other studios.”  Nicole

Andrea’s Teacher Training was both experiential and full of concrete knowledge and wisdom from her years of studying yoga and experiencing the teachings of a restorative yoga practice. This training taught us to nurture our students in a way that most western yoga classes do not allow.I also came home with a whole new set of poses and variations to explore… and without my previous fear of using props!– Shelaugh Earle-Meadows


This training course is eligible for for Yoga Alliance CYE credits and Certificate.  Additional home work submission and $75 fee applies.



Andrea Peloso

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This Training Sells Out. Early registration highly recommended.

with Andrea Peloso
Thursday May 2nd, 2024
Zoom Link will be sent upon registration
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20 Hour Training Course
June 14-16, 2024

A Certificate of Participation will be awarded to those who complete the training. For YE Certificate see below.
$595+ hst

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2 Part Payment Plan Available
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20 Hour Training Course
June 14-16, 2024

A Certificate of Participation will be awarded to those who complete the training.
$595+ hst

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2 Part Payment Plan Available
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Yoga Alliance CYE Credits + Certification
Homework Submission required. Certificate will be mailed after homework is reviewed.
$75 Register Here

* * * * *    Cassandra, 2023 Training

Andrea is, as ever, a wealth of knowledge. She shares it patiently, compassionately, and with her signature, effortlessly cool and quirky sense of humour.

It was a privilege to take this training in order to best offer yoga to not only our aging population, but to anyone that is looking for freedom in their body, where they are, right now.” 

* * * * *   Alexa 2023 Training

“This 20hr Teaching Yoga to an Ageing Population Training was amazing! There were so many fine details, and every question asked was met with a well thought-out answer and knowledge on the other side. The group really connected in this safe space, and I feel like it could have been a 200hr with all the information packed in.

If anyone works with seniors or an ageing group, this is a training well worth your time and money” 

* * * * *   Stephanie, 2023 Training

It would be hard to completely capture just how profound this workshop was for me. It has inspired me to really extend myself in my massage therapy practice to how I can you know utilize the things I learned in this weekend to really help in a very preventative lens. My practice is primarily seniors, so I’m always looking for ways to provide self-care that is accessible for people and I’m so thrilled with the community that our group was able to generate. Thank you so much Shannon and Svetlana for creating such an incredible opportunity and thank you so much to Andrea for just opening my eyes to the possibilities are for how to work more purposefully and mindfully with this population.

Excellent balance of group discussion and tails from the field was also really greatly appreciated”  


This course is eligible for CYE with the Yoga Alliance.

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