Skillful Sequencing

VINYASA = Synchronization of Breath and Movement

Vinyasa style classes are a very popular format and skilled vinyasa instructors are the most sought after in today’s marketplace.

With a solid foundation and ample practice in sequencing, instructors are able to use their creativity and expertise to organize an intelligent and masterful yoga class.

Well constructed sequences classes can accommodate a wide range of students, from beginner to advanced. A masterful vinyasa class is done with finesse and savvy to meet the needs of students, encouraging them to find, explore and press beyond self-imposed boundaries, yet within a safe and trusted environment.

This 20 hour sequencing course includes a blend of formal instruction and practice to build on participants past experience and will hone existing skills while picking up new ones. Participants will develop further expertise structuring masterful and intelligent sequences. Also included is a teaching practicum where participants will create and practice teach in a supportive environment with one-on-one constructive feedback.


This course is open to teachers who have their 200 hr Yoga Training Certification. Spaces are limited leaving ample time for one-on-one coaching to maximize skill development.

Breakdown of hours:

In-class Contact Hours: 10 hrs
Homework: 5 hrs
Practice Teaching: 5 + hrs
May include community out-reach

This course is eligible for YA credits.

RYS 200 Yoga Alliance      CYA-RYSGOLD



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Skillful Sequencing - 3 Sundays

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