Angela Hilts

Find your natural speaking and singing voice in our Vocal Pedagogy intensive course. You will be shown vocal techniques that will help you to master your instrument. You will be guided through breathing and vocal exercises to help ensure that you are speaking and singing with ease and clarity. Learning how to speak and sing properly will help you with projection, staying away from vocal fatigue and  will help you find your true sound to aid with public speaking/singing. Angela Hilts is a Toronto based vocal coach and performer with classical, musical theatre and contemporary vocal training. She has received her Bachelors of Contemporary Music degree at Humber College and has a Certificate in the Performing Arts from Sheridan College. As a seasoned performer and teacher of many styles of music, Angela is a highly sought after private vocal coach. Angela has been practicing Yoga for 10 years, which is reflected in her teaching. Through a variety of vocal techniques, she encourages each student to find their authentic voice. She endeavors to integrate the whole person in the art of communication, to ensure that their true voice is being heard.